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 League Headquarters

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PostSubject: League Headquarters   Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:20 am

Walter Lee had recently become the Champion of the pokemon league and as fate would have it the leagues of every region had come together making him the pokemon champion of every region for a time. When Walter heard he was becoming a member of the league he thought he'd get an elite four postion but the league changed its mind and made him the champion due to the previous ones retirement. Now being the head of the league required him to move a lot which he didn't care for as it was such a pain. Right now he was in Hoenn at Ever Grande City. He missed being in Kanto at the Indigo Plateau which was close to his home town which was Pallet town. Walter was lying down on his side of the arena where he would face trainers that defeated the elite four. Right now there were no challengers so he decided to take a nap on the ground when his assistant walked in.
The assistant was a woman named Bell and she asked"Mr. Lee this is highly inapropritate for a league champion!"
Walter moved his hat away from his eyes and said"Well nothing is going on and there were no beds to be seen so I decided to lay down."
She was obviously angered at this and proceded to stomp on Walter's chest untill he got up.
"You are going to do your duties and right now you are to wake up and do something productive!"
Walter stood up coughing at her harshness.
Walter replied" I am doing something productive...I'm getting my beauty sleep and don't call me the league champion just call my the 5th Elite Four or leader Walter."
Bell sighed at Walter's idiotic statement and said"That makes no sense sir anyways shouldn't you visit the other elite four members seeing as your their leader?"
Walter put his hat on and his coat and started walking to the door.
"I guess your right plus I think they're in Kanto or Johto and I would like to meet my fellow league members."
Bell ran to catch up with Walter and they both left Ever Grande City for Johto.
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PostSubject: Re: League Headquarters   Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:40 am

(Yolo, just thought I'd mention that Aelita Fury (me) and Raine Harvelle (SereneLittleRose) of the E4 will be joining up and taking a trip to Unova on an Archeological excursion. The will head for The Desert Resort and the Relic Castle first and then will head to Undella Bay for some deep-sea relic hunting if you wish to meet up with them.

That is all, have a pleasant day!)
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Location : at the beach in hoenn

PostSubject: Re: League Headquarters   Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:19 pm

OOC Ok thaks I saw that yesterday but i'll stop by johto anyways i mean my chacter doesn't know so lol Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: League Headquarters   

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League Headquarters
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