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 Aelita Fury of the Elite Four

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PostSubject: Aelita Fury of the Elite Four    Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:43 pm

Name: Aelita Fury

Gender: Female

Appearance(Pic is fine):

Personality: Aelita is a very eccentric member of the Elite Four. Her boundless will and pure tenacity, in addition to the limitless dedication to her cause make her come off as sort of a nut upon first meeting her. She also has an aura that naturally demands respect, so many people hide their first impression of her from her.

Ranking:(Trainer, Gym leader, elite four ect.): Elite Four (Sinnoh, 4rth chair. She replaced Lucian.)

Pokemon(Species:Nickname:Gender:Level:Move Set:Pokedex#):

Armaldo/Scorpio/Male/65/Earthquake:X-Scissor:Stone Edge:Crush Claw/#348
Cradily/Kokoro/Female/63/Recover:Energy Ball:Rock Slide:Confuse Ray/#346
Aerodactyl/Skye/Female/61/Ice Fang:Stone Edge:Fly:Roost/#142
Omastar/Hydra/Female/59/Muddy Water:Shell Smash:Ice Beam:Toxic Spikes/#139
Rampardos/Draco/Male/58/Head Smash:Zen Headbutt:Earthquake:Crunch/#409

History: After finding her first fossil in the Sinnoh mines as a child, Aelita was instantly hooked on learning about the times of old and began to search for more clues to the past. She was absolutely thrilled when one day a scientist at the Oreburgh Museam was able to sucsessfully resurect that very fossil that ignited her passion. That fossil was ressurected into the pokemon that is now her trusted and closest partener, Scorpio. She is so involved in her passion that she even dresses to look like her first fossil pokemon, Scorpio. Her goal is to collect every type of fossil pokemon and then seek out their shiny forms when she is not accepting challenges.

(I will add the pokemon she finds to her bio as we go along.)
~Little Twig~
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PostSubject: Re: Aelita Fury of the Elite Four    Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:22 pm


Make sure you read the rules! ---->
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Aelita Fury of the Elite Four
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